Summer Bath Box ***SHIPPED***

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Summer Bath Box  ***SHIPPED***

A brand new Summer Bath Box that includes 2 NEVER BEFORE RELEASED SOAPS!   The brand new scents of “Aurora” and “Fairy Gardens” will premiere in this collection and only be available while supplies last.  Inspired by lush summer gardens and magical glowing skies.  These flavors are herbal and sweet.  The Summer Bath Box is a perfect collection for gift giving or pampering yourself.

This Summer Bath Box includes:

*Aurora Soap- Laying under a shimmering summer sky.  The bright scent of pear blossoms, strawberry, & lemon with hints lily & honeysuckle and finishing with amber musk.  Pure, vegan base full of olive oil and formulated to be gentle on all skin types.

*Fairy Gardens Soap- Magical gardens ready to be explored.  Herbal lavender, neroli, sandalwood, oakmoss, tarragon, thyme, and mint make up this gorgeous scent.  This Pure, vegan base full of olive oil and formulated to be gentle on all skin types.

*Buzz Off! Soothing Stick- a soothing blend of tea tree and lavender essential oils in a base of infused olive oil and local WI beeswax.  Poured into a convenient and portable stick.  Just rub directly on affected area.

*Grape Lip Balm- The classic candied grape flavor from childhood.  Gluten free.

*Bubble Crumble Bar- A solid bubble bath bar.  Created in the clean and refreshing coastal scent of “Seaside”  Crumble half - a whole bar under warm running water. Create even more bubbles by briskly running your hand back & forth in the water.

*Peppermint Aloe Lotion- The cooling touch of peppermint essential oil paired with pure, soothing aloe make an all-over cooling body lotion. 4 oz size

*Bath Loofa- a fun bath sponge that give you great lather while washing up *colors may vary


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